A tribute to a man of God, and an example of faith and dedication

Be buried with the rich
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This is a tribute to a man of God, and an example of faith and dedication that I was privileged to meet when Karen and I lived in Grayson County, Kentucky. His name was Joyner Lancaster, and I met him when I was a Gideon, and a member of the Grayson County Gideon camp. Joyner died very recently at the age of 94.

Joyner was always on the go when I knew him. He was active in the Gideon camp as long as I was a member. He was willing to do whatever needed to be done to get the Bible distributed to our county and to join with other camps for larger distributions, including one in Louisville, which was about 5,000 Bibles and New Testaments. He was committed to the cause of the Gideons. If you have ever stayed in a motel and opened the drawer to find a Bible. The Gideons place the Bible in numerous areas – schools, universities, hospitals, funeral homes, homeless shelters, prisons, and community distributions both locally and around the world. Last I heard, they had camps in 194 countries! This was the cause Joyner was committed to. In this, he was an example of faith. He was still active in the camp even at eighty-eight years old, and he still drove! 

And now, he is at peace, at rest, at a place of perfect contentment, joy, and love. Now he is with Jesus, the ultimate gift and reward. He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Aldeen. Prayers for her would be appreciated, I’m sure.

Rest in peace, Joyner. Thank you for your example.



  1. “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
    What an amazing example of a good and faithful servant. I am always so happy when I land somewhere and find a Bible unexpectedly! I am honored to pray for his wife.

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