A question for all site members – what can you tell us about your state?

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A question for all site members – what can you tell us about your state?  (geographically, that is)

your state

          Map of Mississippi

I got a great idea from one our site members today, a request for information about your state. I will start the ball rolling. Others chime in by hitting “leave a comment” below. Tell us about your state. (I’m not referring to the state of confusion we all visit or the state of repair it may seem we live in. 🙂 I’m talking geography.

I live in the state of Mississippi, and have been here for several years. What is Mississippi like? One word would describe it – hot! Well there are other words I could add, like “humid”, but I digress.

Mississippi is a great place to live. Yes it gets hot and humid, but every state has its challenges. The people here are great. One can enjoy true Southern hospitality from most people. They will take the time to answer your questions and will help you if they can. There is a great senior center here and people are ready, willing, and able to learn new things.  That includes Miss Hettie, who is 96 and still exercises with us and attends Bible study on Tuesday morning. 

What is it like where you live? Again, just “leave a comment” below. You have to be signed in to comment.

Pastor John


  1. I’ve never seen Mississippi, Pastor John…thanks for the tour..
    I live in Maine. Maine is a great place, with good, hardworking people who take you as you are. Strong,solid, caring folks for the most part. Not fancy. Practical and genuine. People think we are reserved, but once you get someone to open up, they’ll tell you stories til the cows come home. Each generation mentors the next and the old ones, well, they sure do love the little ones.
    We are known for our lobster. My husband and 2 of my sons are lobster fishermen.
    However, in other parts of Maine, potatoes and blueberries are important crops, so Maine is diverse. We also have tons of apple orchards! And our maple syrup…can’t forget that!
    Our weather is difficult for some. We have snow from late November until late March and I mean deep snow. (It can be higher than a car) It is quite cold, too. We don’t see much of a Spring…here we call it mud season😝…then we go straight to super hot summer…about two weeks where you can barely stand it. That’s where we are now, but unlike hotter climates, very few people here have air conditioning…but everyone has a snow plow! We have beautiful Autums, lasting from late August to late November. The trees are vibrantly multicolored and the sky is clear and blue, the air crisp…it’s lovely.
    When winter hits, we hibernate a bit so many of us are knitters, sewers, crafters and good cooks! Whenever a family is hit with a tragedy, Mainers are there…we take up collections, have benefit suppers etc. The word, neighbor, really means something here.
    All in all, I think Maine is a wonderful place to call home!

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