A question for all site members – please respond

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Just a quick question for you. What do you need from this site? Encouragement? Biblical counsel, practical help or advice for physical or mental challenges? A prayer wall? What do you wich I would add – or take away – or leave alone? I can and will go with what the Lord leads me to do here, but part of that is ministering to your needs, so can you share with me what they are?

Pastor John


  1. I enjoyed the Advent devotional readings and love Bible study. I think it would be fun and educational to maybe take verses or passages or even whole stories from the Bible and everyone comment on what they got as the Spirit leads. (Read, study, write a brief response, reaction or potential interpretation) It is always interesting for me to see how each person can read the exact same thing and yet each will take away a different message. That’s proof that the Bible is the living, breathing Word of God. It takes each one of us and speaks to us according to our own life experience, world view and current situation…kind of like Pentecost…each hears what the Spirit directs! But we can all learn from each other…maybe just do it once or twice a week so people have time to ponder.

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