A Powerful Word Picture

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I have a burden for people that have practical needs that are just not being met. I know of one who occasionally has to ask for money for food. He does the best he can, but sometimes its just not enough. He is living on the edge, and I wish I could be there to help.

Many others are facing overwhelming obstacles – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sick or wayward or estranged children, grief, financial crises, shattered, stretched, and even broken dreams. Many just need practical help – all they need is one person just to help them clean the house or watch the kids for an hour. I know if I could be there, I could do something. I try to encourage them the best I can, and that’s good, but maybe what they need more than anything else, is just practical help – short term, long term, and I wish I could be there to help.

I was reflecting on that earlier tonight and it hit me – when God saw the mess this world was in spiritually, physically, mentally, He wanted to come down here to help -and He did! God sent His only son into the world to forever redeem lost souls, and as another man said earlier today, God sent Jesus to bridge the gap. But God not only sent someone, He came himself. We were helpless in our sins and God says “I’m coming down”, and He did, and He will come back soon. He came down here in the midst of our mess to help. Thank you, Jesus.

Pastor John


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