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Luke 15:3-6 NIV
Then Jesus told them this parable: “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home.

Let me ask you a few questions about the passage above and see what you think. Ready? Go.

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  1.  What kinds of trouble might a sheep (or a person) get into if they are separated from the flock and the shepherd? How could they be harmed, or do you think they would be okay?
  2. Does this verse indicate that the shepherd is aware of where each sheep is? What does this tell you about how Jesus looks at you and me?
  3. Have you ever felt like the lost sheep? I know I have. How does this verse help you in your walk with Jesus? What questions or comments does this passage bring up?

One thought: In today’s society the shepherd might be encouraged to think “Oh, the sheep is just exploring his or her options. They have to discover things for themselves before they can really learn it. Maybe the one sheep thinks they can find a new path. After all, we want to encourage their creativity, right?”

What do you think? 


  1. 1. The flock ,to me, represents other Christian peers and it is good to be in relationship with others…safety in numbers,whether lambs or people- there are predators out there who can lead us into error or sin . Being with others who care can keep us accountable good. The shepherd is Jesus. But as we get older, the flock thins.( Our kids are busy, our friends fewer , many of us have stopped driving.) So, we are, as we age, a bit more like a lone sheep. The good news is, that by this time in our lives, we know our shepherd’s voice and have learned how to stay close to Him. For me, that is by prayer, keeping in the word and listening for his will on my life. Also, things like this website, prayer groups or looking for opportunities to shine the light of Christ in my little community.
    2. Oh yes! He knows each of His sheep…has counted the hairs on our heads. John 10:11 tells us that the Good Shepherd lays down his life for His sheep. He did that, once and for all, on the cross, but he also continually looks after those who belong to him as they navigate the rocky terrain of life…and he sends His Holy Spirit to be their helper.We have to be aware, though, listening for his prompting. An example that comes to mind is a dear friend and prayer partner and I were in a small art gallery in town. The artist being shown was exhibiting very dark, disturbing artwork. Something felt subtly wrong with the atmosphere. Then my friend showed me her arm…goosebumps…mine, same goosebumps, same time. Moments later we were in a sunny restaurant window seat enjoying salads. Jesus didn’t want us in that gallery, He wanted us in the light. We both knew it was He.
    3. I have felt like the lost sheep.In my younger days I wandered off a time or three. Each time Jesus, my best friend from age three, would come get me and carry me back, always forgiving. But there is a way I still wander off and I am using this scripture to remind me that my Shepherd can’t keep me safe and if I don’t go to Him. I mean, it’s typical for me to go to my emotions first. I rarely get angry, but I get hurt and depressed. I lose sleep, just crying and listening to my hymns. Why go through all that when I have a Savior I love and trust, one who can make things right. Example: I recently had a very ugly situation where I was persecuted for being Christian.(long story, sick person who thinks God’s a joke lashing out in a cruel and disgusting way.) So here’s me crying, not sleeping, cancelling things…carrying on. So, my Friend, Jesus, He can’t get a word in edgewise. He waits patiently until there is a lull in my hysteria( which, of course, snowballs and takes on a life of its own.) Then He calmly and patiently says(sometimes I feel sorry for him having to hang out with me😱)”Jill, what have I said about people who are hated because of Me? ”
    ” That we are blessed. ” hiccup
    “Ok. So, do you believe that?”
    “Lord, of course I believe everything you say. You know that!”
    ” Then if you are blessed, what was meant to hurt you has been turned to good, right. ”
    “Yes, Lord. but it was so…”
    ” No buts!!! You’re blessed and I’ve got you. Now can you settle down and let that sink in? ”
    ” Thank you, Jesus. ”
    So, this scripture is inviting me to change by drawing close to my Shepherd when I feel hurt or danger, not running off to cower in my own pitiful strength and faulty logic. He shouldn’t have to chase me down to heal me.
    For the last question about ” modern thinking” I think it is a threat to Christianity. I think it’s a slippery slope to Humanism and then a hop from there to moral relativism and finally, being totally and utterly lost.
    Christians are free to be creative, adventurous, imaginative, colorful- all those things. We just trust in God and His will for our life and not in our own desires because we have hope and a future with God.
    Along those lines with “modern thinking and exploring options”…recently I met a young woman who was well along, expecting a child. So me, woman of the last century, says,” Do you know what it is yet? ” She looks at me, aghast, and exclaims, ” I would not dream of assigning a gender to my child without providing it an opportunity to choose how it identifies! ”

    1. For that last scenario, my first response was “Lord, have mercy!” Then I am reminded – He does. Thank you, Lord, for Your mercy, grace, and clear but tender direction. We need You and You are there. Thank you, Jesus.

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