let us pray

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Without giving any names, I am asking you to join me in going to the Father for these requests. Remember that we have full access to go to Him in prayer through Jesus. Lord, we pray for:

  •  a site member with a special needs daughter with multiple challenges of body, mind, and spirit. Pray for mom S. and daughter E.
  • a site member who has crisis level needs for housing. He is living in his shop, which is leaking. He wants and needs a small house of his own. It is the rainy season there and that makes things very difficult.
  • several site members with long term medical issues who are looking for relief, wisdom, and healing. My wife still has a cold. I am awaiting surgery. others have mobility issues and pain. Lord, please bring your healing and peace to all these needs. Let us hear the good reports so we give You the credit for answered prayers.
  • What do you want me (us) to pray for? To let us know, just “leave a reply” right below this post. (You must be signed in to make any comments.)

Thank you for your prayers for all site members. Let’s lift each other up and then look for how God is going to answer these prayers. 

Pastor John

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girl praying

In the past 24 hours or so, at least three prayers have been answered about this upcoming surgery. Here they are:

1.) The procedure (removal of three large bladder stones) was approved in one day. That was really fast!

2.) The PSA results came back quick. Normally it takes two weeks to get those results. However, the person who read the results “happened” to be there. As a result, the surgery will be much less invasive and much simpler, as will be the procedures before the surgery. Right now, my only instructions are “no food and water after midnight.” I can do that.

3.) The PSA was normal! That hasn’t happened for at least a couple of years! That is a huge blessing and answer to prayer.

I will keep you posted as things develop. For now, just let me say, “thank you for your prayers, and praise the Lord!”


Celebrating 25 years

The urologist appointment today went well. After doing a couple of tests, Dr. Reddy determined that I needed to have surgery on Oct. 22. Please pray that they only have to do the simplest procedure and not have to do additional procedures that would prolong the recovery. I am praying that the Lord will have mercy on me and do the simplest procedure. Thank you for your prayers.

Please keep praying for my wife, who is trying to get rid of this nasty cold. Prayers for Karen would be appreciated. 

How Do You Serve The Lord With Gladness?

Please pray for the following prayer requests for members that are going through a rough time right now and need a dose of God’s grace.
1.) My wife and life partner, Karen, is battling a cold. It is getting better, but I pray this thing just goes away and stays away.
2.) Pray for Gerri, a site member’s good friend, who is suffering from dementia.
3.) Please pray for a site member that has a special needs child with some very challenging needs.
4.) Pray for site members who are dealing with sick family members, even while trying to deal with their own health issues.
5.) I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow (Thursday), and I would appreciate your prayers.