I had a good laugh at the eyeglass repair place this morning. My left lens came out, so I had to take it in to get it fixed. I wanted to have some fun with the owner, so I walked in and said: “I’ve got a screw loose – again.” “Again?” he said? I had been there before for the same problem.

He went on to tell me that he uses Loc-tite when he does this repair and he couldn’t believe that happened again. He thought maybe it was the screw was stripped out. (So I’ve got a loose screw and a stripped gear? Nice.) He assured me “Nope. That’s got a good bite to it.” By the end of the eyeglass repair, I had a loose screw, a stripped gear, and now I was hungry! All it all, that little adventure turned out to quite entertaining!

Have a joy-filled day!
Pastor John

Hands raised in worship

This worship chorus came to mind this morning. It has great reminders in it. What worship song, you may ask? It is called “We Have Come Into His House”. The words give us some great perspective and help us get our focus back on Jesus, at least those of us whose mind gets so easily distracted. Here are the words, and a link to the website I got this from. 

“We have come into His house to magnify His name and worship Him. (Repeat). We have come into His house to magnify His name and worship Christ the Lord. Worship Him, Christ the Lord.”

Let’s forget about ourselves and concentrate on Him and worship Him …

Let us lift up holy hands. Magnify His name and worship Him … 

He is all my righteousness. I stand complete in Him and worship Him …

(I learned this chorus while attending an Assembly of God church in Richmond, Kentucky while attending college there at Eastern Kentucky University. Let’s just say that was a few years ago! )