Lord, as we begin this first week of April, I would ask that You help us focus on You. What we easily think of is our feelings, our opinions, our pain, our problems. We look at what we can see around us. That’s understandable, Lord, but there is more to the picture than what we can see. Lord, help us to have a perspective on who we are in you, and who You are in us. You are eternal, You are God. You are love. Thank you, Jesus, for being there with us through it all and leading us into your healing, peace, and grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

spiritual warfare

Spiritual Warfare and The Protection of God

In my journey to freedom from PTSD, depression, anxiety and the like God brought me to a wonderful counselor that helped me see how my past affected me. Now He is opening the door on how to let Him do the battle in the dark world around me. Basically how to let Him fight the Spiritual Warfare in my life.

Today I put a spotlight on a fellow blogger. I thought since I am starting the battle in Spiritual Warfare with the Lord I would search for a blogger who writes about that. I knew I needed to be careful. This battle can lead to false teachers. To people who lead in the wrong direction because satan does not want to be defeated in anybody’s life. So, I prayed for God’s discernment and He lead me to Debbie McDaniel.

Debbie is married to a pastor with her own story about her working in ministry overseas. She has three children and a story of infertility, pain and overcoming with the Lord. She has articles in many big Christian publications. She shares her heart, hope, and love of God in her blog. The articles I found from her that has to do with Spiritual Warfare are found on Crosswalk.com. They talk about the protection of God in our battles in this evil world.

Please take a look at Debbie’s writing see if God has anything for you through her wisdom. Then let her know I sent you to her site. Thanks!

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We are getting back into the swing of things once again. Thank you, Lord, for getting us through this long week, answering our prayers, being with us the whole time, and providing so incredibly well. Thank you, Jesus.

These two pictures show the before and after of our Rav4, which was damaged 37 days ago. As you look at them, realize that the first one is how the world may look at us, or how we may look at ourselves. The second is how we look in Jesus – fully restored, whole, wrapped in His righteousness. The scripture I have in mind is 2 Cor. 5:21. In Christ, we have been totally transformed, renewed, and redeemed. God protects, provides, transforms, renews, and restores – all fully ours in Christ.

2 Cor. 5:21


Damage from blow out on the interstate

God protected us

Restored, redeemed, renewed

Karen and I in front of a fireplace

Prayers needed this morning once again. Thank you for your prayers.
UPDATE: The Bible study this morning went GREAT! Yon was listening, did not interrupt, and heard some very clear presentation of who Jesus was and is. 

Once again, Karen and I appreciate your prayers as she teaches the Bible study at the senior center this morning. I am there as a pastor and to keep things on track, to keep things focused. Particularly, please pray for Yon to be convicted of his need for Jesus and for others to be able to concentrate and focus on the scripture. We are studying John 12:1-19. It should be a great study.

Also, please pray that the Lord would keep showing His plan and will with our car. It is still at the body shop, waiting on a part. We have a regional manager advocating for us, which reminds me of a very important point – when we sin, we have an advocate with God, Christ Jesus the Righteous.

Thank you, Jesus, for being our advocate and our friend, and thank you Dear Reader, for your prayers!

One more request please – my friend Jim is having a biopsy on his thyroid.

God be with you today.
Pastor John


Site logo

I am praying for site members tonight and want to say welcome to our latest member. Welcome, ZealDrivenLife (her username) to our community. Here are the needs that I know of in our community:

  • A mother with a sick family
  • A member who is waiting to hear on test results
  • A site member who is being led into new adventures and needs wisdom
  • Several members with heartbreak and stress within their family, friends, or community.
  • All of us that we will grow in Christ, both in trust and obedience and service.
  • Sick and/or lost family members.

God be with us all. Jesus, thank you for your help, peace, grace, and hearing and answering our prayers.A=

submission in marriage

In this sermon by Pastor Pete Briscoe he teaches about submission in marriage. I never heard it taught in this way before. It really spoke to my husband and I. I pray that you would have the time to hear what he has to say. Submission in Marriage really is a mutual submission, not just the woman’s responsibility.

In our marriage this way to look at submission makes so much sense. I am the higher functioning, outspoken, take charge person. My husband has admitted he does not like to be the leader. With the mutual submission we each submit to God, then to each other. We are there to help each other. Yes in the Bible it says the man is the head, but if you listen to the message, this does not mean he is the leader. It just means that as you picture the couple as one the husband is the head of that one body. If it was not for the body, the woman serving the head, or the head serving the body it would not work.

submission in marriage

What my husband and I are working on now is how to not be so selfish in our relationship. We did start out with just thinking what we personally needed from the other. To submit to each other one needs to think of the other first. How does my behavior affect my spouse? How can I change to make them happy? What can I do for them? We were always looking out for ourselves, what do I need, how does he need to change? Now I am asking God to help me change so I can make my husbands life better. My husband does not complete me God does, and in turn God helps me meet my husbands needs.

submission in marriage

What about you. How do you see submission should look like? What have you been taught? Does any of this make sense to you?

Six Things Submission Is Not

How I Understand Submission in Marriage

In a waiting period, but God is active in the meantime.

Yep. That’s where we are right now in our circumstances while we are waiting for our car to be finished being repaired after the tire malfunction. We are waiting, and waiting, and … you get the idea. And as many of you can testify, waiting is hard. I know it is for me, and I bet it is for you.

But there’s the other side of the equation, and that is the part that reminds us that God is active in the meantime. He is at work. Specifically, God is teaching us that He is still with us, that He is in charge, and that His timing is best. Isn’t that what He is teaching all of His children? “Trust me. I’ve got this. I know it’s hard, but you and I together will get through this and come out better and stronger in the end. With me in you, around you, in front of you, and ahead of you, you are going to make it, and it will be okay in the end.” That’s what He is telling my heart right now. What is He telling yours?


Hands and feet pierced

“No signal” was the message, but the problem was a different connection – I had lost the connection to the remote.

The interesting thing was that it was an easy fix. All I had to do was to press the mute and the enter key at the same time. I did that, and it fixed the problem. Now here is the spiritual application.

When we don’t feel close to God, the important thing is to fix our connection by doing two things. We need to “mute” – be quiet before our God, and then we “enter” into His presence, spend time with Him, and re-connect to our Father, our God, our “Papa”.

He doesn’t like that missed connection either. We need to remember that He is in a relationship with us as well as us being in a relationship with Him. The way back starts with us being quiet and pouring our heart out to God.

“Connection restored!”