Damage from blow out on the interstate

This week we found out that some things can be fixed, even though it will take a lot of work. What I am referring to is our Toyota Rav 4, which had a tire malfunction – the tire came apart – that costs $10,313 worth of damage. The lady I talked to at the collision center told me all that had to do to bring it up to “like new” status. They estimated 72 hours of labor!

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A Beautiful Poem of Affirmation to build you up. God is in control.

The following poem is written by Russell Kelfer, and the photo is by our very own Sophie. If you would like to contact her for her photography, including handmade cards, just let me know. The poem affirms that God is in control.

                               You Are Who You Are 
                                   by Russell Kelfer

You are who you are for a reason;
You’re part of an intricate plan;
You’re a precious and perfect unique design,
Called God’s special woman or man.
You look like you look for a reason.
Our God made no mistake;
He knit you together within the womb;
You’re just what He wanted to make.
The parents you had were the ones He chose,
And no matter how you may feel,
They were custom-designed with God’s plan in mind,
And they bear the Master’s seal.
No, that trauma you faced was not easy,
And God wept that it hurt you so;
But it was allowed to shape your heart
So that into His likeness you’d grow.
You are who you are for a reason,
You’ve been formed by the Master’s rod;
You are who you are, beloved,
Because there is a God!

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As we start this last week of February, here are a few thoughts for us to chew on.
1.) God has brought us this far. If it were not for His grace, we would not be here.
2.) God is with us now, and now is all we need to focus on. This is the day that He has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. It is always today, so what are we going to do with it?
3.) God will be with us as we through each day, one day at a time. He has amazing plans for us. May we continue to seek Him throughout the day, talking to Him about whatever is on our mind or heart. We cry “God have mercy”, and He does.

Hands and feet pierced

We are accepted and secure in Christ because of what He did for us. Here are a few scriptures that affirm that truth. Do any stand out to you? What do you think? “Leave a Reply” below with your answer.

  • I am Accepted in Christ

  • I am God’s child (John 1:12)

  • I am Christ’s friend (John 15:15)

  • I am justified (Rom. 5:1)

  • I am united with the Lord and one with Him in spirit (1 Cor. 6:17)

  • I have been bought with a price. I belong to God (1 Cor. 6:20)

  • I am a member of Christ’s body (1 Cor. 12:27)

  • I am a saint (Eph. 1:1)

  • I have been adopted as God’s child (Eph. 1:5)

  • I have direct access to God through the Holy Spirit (Eph. 2:18)

  • I have been redeemed and forgiven of my sins (Col. 1:14)

  • I am complete in Christ (Col. 2:10)

I am Secure in Christ

  • I am free forever from condemnation (Rom. 8:1-2)

  • I am assured that all things work together for good (Rom. 8:28)

  • I am free from any condemning charges against me
    (Rom. 8:33-34)

  • I cannot be separated from God (Rom. 8:35; 38-39)

  • I have been established, anointed, and sealed by God
    (2 Cor. 1:21-22)

  • I am confident the good work God has begun in me will be perfected (Phil. 1:6)

  • I am a citizen of Heaven (Phil. 3:20)

  • I am hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3)

  • I have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline (2 Tim. 1:7)

  • I can find grace and mercy to help me in time of need (Heb. 4:16)

  • I am born of God, and the evil one cannot touch me (1 John 5:18)

I am Significant in Christ

  • I am the salt and light of the earth (Mat. 5:13-14)

  • I am a branch of the true vine, a channel of His life (John 15:1,5)

  • I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit (John 15:16)

  • I am a personal witness for Christ (Acts 1:8)

  • I am God’s temple (1 Cor. 3:16)

  • I am a minister of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:17-20)

  • I am God’s coworker (2 Cor. 6:1)

  • I am seating with Christ in the Heavenly realms (Eph. 2:6)

  • I can approach God with freedom and confidence (Eph. 3:12)

  • I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength (Phil. 4:13)


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You and I were made to worship!

“Made to Worship” by Chris Tomlin is a hymn for all ages. It is for the young who are just learning about worship, and for those of us on the senior side of life. As part of our recognizing who God is and giving Him credit for all He is and does, we need to speak, sing, or otherwise express these ideas. In short, we need to worship the Lord with all our heart. That’s because, as the song says, “All we are and all we have is a gift from God that we receive.” Let’s get hold of Jesus, get a good look at His face, and allow the words to come from our lips that give Him full props. After all, we were made to worship!
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Damage from blow out on the interstate

God protected us

We had some trauma today, which showed that the Lord was in control and was seriously protecting us in a blowout on the interstate. It was the back driver side tire that came apart – not really a blow-out. We noticed it was shaking really bad as we were coming on to I-20 in Mississippi. We were on our way home from a shopping trip with Karen’s mom. After about 15 seconds of shaking, the tire went kaput. With God’s help, I was able to hang on to the steering wheel and get it off the road. We figured it was just a flat, but it also did some damage to the back quarter panel and back door.  God protected us from people flying around our blown tire, coming quickly by us as we stood there trying to get hold of insurance, rental company, and tow truck. Very confusing truck

The physical trauma is starting to kick in. The emotional trauma will last awhile. God is getting us through this, but it is very frustrating. God has protected us so very much, and we are thankful.

living water

Today I am going to deal with what I call “Inside out refreshment – what is on the inside vs. what is on the outside.”

My cat, Moose, really goes after the condensation on the outside of my half liter bottle of Diet Coke. (It is my morning coffee.) His little tongue is just going 90 miles an hour, trying to get all the cold moisture off the outside of that bottle. I assure you, I don’t lick the outside of the bottle.  I drink the cold drink inside, and it is good going down.
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Bootsie the wonder cat needs your prayers. She is moments, maybe days away from death. She keeps losing weight and has little strength. She eats, then throws it up. Sorry to be so graphic, but this is the reality Karen’s mom and Bootsie are going through. Please pray for Bootsie and for Jackie as they go through this transition, and for Karen as she tries to comfort and encourage her mom. Thank you for your prayers.