I have been researching senior issues and senior blogs and I found a “top 1o” list of blogs. The first one may be out of date, but it did lead to a Facebook page of the lady who started the blog. I am now following her. Here is the complete list for you to explore and enjoy. Please share YOUR resources for seniors with the rest of us so we can learn and grow together.


Love and blessings,
Pastor John

Happy birthday to my wife, Karen! She is a site member here, and so much more to me. She is my memory, accountability partner, friend, and adventure sharing woman, my best earthly gift from God. I want to wish her a happy birthday and many more to come. She and the Lord keep me going!

Please pray for her to have a good day. She will tell you that she has a good “Day”. Now I just want her to have a good birthday! “I love you more!”

To post your birthday wishes, please just “leave a reply” below this post. Thank you!

Pastor John

If you are reading this, you have made it through 2018. You have survived and maybe even thrived. By the grace of God you have overcome the trials. Maybe they didn’t change. Maybe they didn’t get better, but you are still here. You did not let them defeat you. Congratulations for overcoming your obstacles, and thank you, Lord for bringing us through 2018. We crave and thank you for your help for this new year. May You get the glory for all You are going to do in 2019.

Pastor John